Tracking and Documenting Lessons Learned


As you engage in the work of becoming more inclusive, you will learn a great deal along the way about best practices and barriers to becoming more inclusive. Consider keeping a log of lessons learned. There are benefits to doing so:

First, if you have to write something down, it forces you to stop and reflect on what really happened and consciously articulate what you learned as a result.

Second, by writing something down, you create a history of the inclusiveness initiative that can help others who work with the organization in the future to better understand the progress that was made, see the actions taken along the way, and benefit from the lessons you've learned to avoid future mistakes.

Also, you may choose to share your experiences with other organizations, either in an informal way or formally, such as through a conference session, and having a written record of best practices and barriers will help you to do this.


Measuring Outcomes

Tracking Progress Toward Completing Blueprint Objectives

Ongoing Feedback Loops and Reassessment