Selecting a Training Approach


Selecting a Training Approach that Is Right for Your Organization (worksheet) is designed to help you begin a dialogue about the type of training that you might want to do as part of your inclusiveness initiative. However, you should talk to a handful of inclusiveness trainers before you make any final decisions regarding the type of training that's best for your organization at this time.

Note that if some people on your Inclusiveness Committee would like to take a more ambitious approach than others, it may be best to start with a program that will gradually allow people who have less exposure to inclusiveness to engage in the work without being overwhelmed or alienated. Keep in mind that as your organization spends more time with its inclusiveness initiative, the capacity of the organization - and the individuals within it - to engage in more transformational training will likely evolve.

Complete Selecting a Training Approach that is Right for Your Organization.


Overview: Training Approaches

Intercultural/Valuing Differences Approach

Anti-Racism Approach

Prejudice Reduction Approach

Benefits and Limitations of Training Approaches