Reasons for Doing Inclusiveness Work: The Four Imperatives


Organizations care about inclusiveness because BUSINESS, MISSION, DEMOGRAPHICS, and SOCIAL EQUITY drive the need for inclusiveness.

Most of us are familiar with the suggestion that being more inclusive is simply the "right thing to do." But it is equally important to recognize that building inclusiveness will:

  • Affect your organization's bottom line;
  • Help achieve your organization's mission;
  • Address the changing community in which you operate; and
  • Address disparities in society that impact nearly all nonprofits, their work, and their constituents.

Click on the following for outlines of these imperatives in detail, providing impetus and opportunity for discussion about the importance of inclusiveness on a variety of fronts and for a variety of reasons.


Making the BUSINESS Case for Building Inclusiveness

Making the MISSION Case for Building Inclusiveness

Making the DEMOGRAPHICS Case for Building Inclusiveness

Making the EQUITY Case for Building Inclusiveness