Step 3: Making the Case

"Making the Case" is the starting place for organizations that want to consider doing inclusiveness work.

Doing inclusiveness work will:

  • Enhance the organization's understanding of what it means to be inclusive.
  • Provide the steps by which to become a more inclusive organization.

When an organization "Makes the Case" for inclusiveness, it:

  • Establishes a basis for doing inclusiveness work.
  • Defines how inclusiveness can make the organization more effective in accomplishing its mission.
  • Recognizes the costs of not being inclusive.
  • Makes a commitment to do inclusiveness work.
  • Intentionally communicates its commitment to inclusiveness to its constituents.

Each organization makes its own case for doing inclusiveness work, because that work is specific to each organization's needs.

When an organization engages in doing inclusiveness work on race and ethnicity, it collects a variety of data-within its field of service-to inform itself about the disparities between whites and people of color.

"Making the Case" sets the stage for those more detailed information-gathering tasks. It is an essential building block.

How to Make the Case for Inclusiveness in Your Organization


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