Tracking Progress Toward Completing Blueprint Objectives


Regardless of how much of an investment you decide to make in measuring outcomes, it is important to track your organization's progress toward completing the objectives and tasks outlined in the inclusiveness blueprint. This step will put into place organization-wide accountability for completing the inclusiveness blueprint. Some organizations have found it beneficial to establish an accountability task force that meets regularly and is responsible for keeping the inclusiveness plan on track. Every organization should develop its own process to keep people focused on accomplishing the objectives and tasks outlined in the inclusiveness blueprint.

For example, senior managers may want to review progress toward accomplishing objectives at a monthly progress meeting. The CEO/executive director may ask for written updates from each department in the organization every two months. Another possibility is that the board may ask the staff to prepare and present quarterly status reports on progress made toward achieving objectives. Smaller organizations with a more informal structure may have the CEO/executive director provide verbal updates at staff meetings and/or board meetings, or have the chair of the Inclusiveness Committee provide updates on progress.

As you think about how your organization will make sure that the objectives and tasks outlined in the inclusiveness blueprint are accomplished, keep in mind that the goal is to ensure that you have a system of accountability, not to create unnecessary work for anyone. So be sure that your system is effective without being burdensome.

Since the inclusiveness blueprint is a dynamic product, over time you will find that the blueprint may need to be updated.

For example, you may discover that an outcome that you hoped to achieve will take five years instead of three years to complete, and therefore, you may need to modify the outcome.

Finding out that your timeline or goal may have been a bit too ambitious is common. So, as you regularly check in on your organization's progress toward implementing the blueprint, be sure to allow opportunities to make changes as you go.

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