This worksheet was created by The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project ( to support organizations doing inclusiveness work.

 Users are encouraged to customize the worksheet (both content and formatting) to meet the needs of their respective organizations. A Word version is attached. A writable PDF version is also attached.





Using the following outline, record the problem statement, goals, etc., as well as the steps that you will take to accomplish your goals. Remember that every organization usually has its own way of defining goals and objectives. The outline below can be tailored to match your organization's usual planning process.

(1) What is the primary problem you want to address in regards to potential and current donors?

(2) What is/are your desired goal(s)?

(3) For each goal, what is/are your desired outcome(s)? 

(4) For each goal, what are the primary objectives you hope to accomplish? 

(5) For each objective, what tasks will you complete to accomplish the objective? 

(6) Who will be responsible for completing each task? 

(7) When will the objectives and tasks be completed? 

(8) What resources, financial and otherwise, are necessary for achieving each goal?








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