What is an Inclusiveness Blueprint?

An inclusiveness blueprint is a plan that outlines your priorities and action steps for becoming more inclusive. It is similar to a detailed strategic plan and includes goals, objectives, tasks, timelines, and individuals responsible for accomplishing each task. The blueprint is grounded in data: the priorities your organization identified in the blueprint will be developed based on the information you collected during the information-gathering phase. The wisdom your organization has had up to this time will be expanded by facts, figures, and perceptions of stakeholders.

Benefits of a good blueprint:

  • Create internal agreement and clarity about the priorities of your organization in relation to inclusiveness.
  • Ensure that everyone in your organization understands how specific action items correspond to particular goals and outcomes that you hope to achieve.
  • Lead to more successful teamwork based on common understanding.
  • Foster better communication about inclusiveness issues between board and staff.
  • Ensure that your organization designates appropriate resources (time, money, energy) to achieve a specific goal.
  • Connect action items to achievable milestones with which you will be able to monitor achievements and assess results.


The inclusiveness blueprint will likely cover a two- to four-year span.

That is to say, the time that it takes for an organization to begin implementation of the blueprint until the time that the desired outcomes are achieved should be between two and four years. However, this time period can vary significantly depending on the organization. Some organizations may decide to use the same basic framework for the blueprint for five or more years but actively work to update it every 12 months. Others may decide that it will only take 18 months to complete the initial outcomes and then start from scratch at the end of 18 months with a new blueprint. Each organization must decide for itself the duration that will best suit its needs.


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