Inclusiveness Collaborative


Welcome to the Inclusiveness Collaborative—a group of Metro Denver nonprofit organizations interested in intentionally building inclusiveness within their organizations. (Watch here for details of the group's 2013 meeting schedule.)

The Inclusiveness Collaborative grew out of The Denver Foundation's Learning Community, which began in 2006 with a cohort of eleven participating organizations. The links below take you to each organization's website.

Over a two-year period (2006-2007), the Learning Community organizations were provided with $14,000 from The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project (then called the Expanding Nonprofit Inclusiveness Initiative) to undergo a comprehensive inclusiveness initiative based on the model provided in Inclusiveness at Work - an 18-module workbook to help nonprofit organizations create their own tailored blueprint for building inclusiveness. Each organization provided an additional $6,000 of its own resources.

During this funding period, the Learning Community met quarterly to share best practices and to learn from one another as they all attempted to become more inclusive.

Many of the organizations in the Learning Community have shared their Sample Documents with The Inclusiveness Project. Please visit Blueprints and Case Statements, for examples.  Other stories about strategies and accomplishments of individual member organizations are listed below.

Although the organizations' official involvement with the Learning Community ended with the completion of The Denver Foundation's two-grant, the group decided to continue meeting and working together to advance inclusiveness in our organizations and in the nonprofit community in Metro Denver. The group's interest in continuing the work stems from the belief that working in a cohort has increased the effectiveness of their respective inclusiveness efforts, learning from each other and asking for support and advice when challenges are encountered.

From 2010 to 2012, ten additional grantees formed a new Learning Community. Those organizations are also members of the Inclusiveness Collaborative:


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Below is more information about and from the Inclusiveness Collaborative: 

Mission, Target Audience, Operating Agreements

Goals and Strategies: 2009-2010

Characteristics of Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations


Strategies and Accomplishments of Inclusiveness Collaborative Member Organizations