Identifying Prospects and Interviewing Candidates

Identifying Consultant Prospects


How do you find consultants who may wish to respond to the RFP? If your organization is located in the Metro Denver area, start with the list on The Denver Foundation's Technical Assistance (TA) database. Or try an Internet search for "diversity consultants" in your area. Other possible sources include your regional association of nonprofit organizations, the regional association of grantmakers, the local chamber of commerce, or minority and women's chambers of commerce. Your best results will probably come from asking colleagues within your organization and in other organizations for referrals to consultants they've worked with in the past.

Complete Identifying Consultant Prospects. Send the RFP to prospects you identify.

Interviewing Candidates

As you read the proposals you've received, keepin mind your needs and goals. Then select at least two consultants to interview.

The interview is your opportunity to determine whether a consultant's style might be a good fit for your organization. You'll also want to ask specific questions that the letters of proposal have brought to mind. It is generally best to interview at least two candidates and to have a standardized interview process, just as you would when hiring to fill a position within your organization.

Review Sample Interview Questions.


Responsibility for Hiring a Consultant and Developing a Request for Proposals (RFP) 

Checking References, Selecting Consultant, and Creating a Contract 

Monitoring Your Work with Your Consultant