Format of Blueprint


The following is the general format for your inclusiveness blueprint:

Introduction: Why you decided to do an inclusiveness initiative, the process you have engaged in, the major goals you hope to accomplish as you work through your inclusiveness blueprint, and similar matters.

Key findings from the information-gathering process: A summary of the results of your research on available facts and stakeholder perspectives.

A plan for each prioritized category:

  • Mission and Organizational Values
  • Board of Directors
  • Personnel
  • Organizational Culture
  • Volunteers and Helpers
  • Programs and Constituents
  • Marketing and Community Relations
  • Fundraising and Membership

Depending on your priorities, you will include some or all of the following information in the plan for one or more of the categories above:

  • Information-gathering results (strengths as well as weaknesses)
  • Problem statement
  • Goal(s)
  • Outcomes
  • Objectives
  • Tasks
  • Responsible party
  • Timeline
  • Budget


Overview: What is an Inclusiveness Blueprint?

Definitions of Terms Used in Blueprint