Developing Strategies

Tailor marketing and community relations strategies to the needs of your audiences as you have come to understand them. As you gathered information about practices in your field (see Field Facts to Collect) and worked through the process of understanding your audiences (above), you may have identified strategies used by others that you can adapt for your organization.  Note which of these strategies match with your goals and target audiences.

For example, you may be targeting members of the Latino community who are involved with human rights issues, and you may have learned that many local members of this audience commonly share information through their churches. Your strategy could be to make a connection with church leaders and find out how to connect with their parishioners.

Some potential strategies for reaching out to various communities include the following (See Bibliography: New Ventures in Philanthropy and Wittstock, Waterman, and Williams):

  • Target ethnic news and media outlets and journals for advertising, and tailor your advertising to the interests and cultural views of readers, viewers, or listeners.
  • Include these outlets in media relations activities such as dissemination of news releases about your activities.
  • Create leaflets and flyers specifically tailored to diverse communities.
  • Use community outlets to distribute materials (churches, libraries, community centers).
  • Produce materials in appropriate languages.
  • Hire marketing or communications professionals who have specific expertise in reaching your target audiences.
  • Create materials that tell stories about members of the target audience who have already connected with your organization.
  • Hold outreach meetings in locations that are convenient and comfortable for your target audience.
  • Develop public affairs content for radio, television, and newspapers that reach your target audiences.
  • Recruit and train spokespeople who are members of the target audience to represent your organization.


Overview: Marketing and Community Relations

Benefits of Marketing to Diverse Communities

Researching, Identifying, and Understanding Audiences

Establishing Goals

Defining Objectives

Evaluating Success and Soliciting Feedback