Defining Objectives

Your objectives help you define success. The best marketing objective is measurable and can be tracked back to the strategy that led to achieving the objective.

However, you will not be able to connect most objectives directly with one specific activity. An objective may be accomplished because of several strategies within your marketing plan, as well as to other outside factors you don't take into account.

For example, with the following objective: "a 10 percent increase in the number of event attendees from the African-American community," your strategies may have been:  

  • Advertising in community newspapers.
  • Public service announcements on the local radio station.
  • Development of event elements that appeal to African-American communities.

Any or all of these strategies could have resulted in reaching this objective. However, it is also possible that a popular member of the community was honored during the event, and without that element, your other strategies would have been unsuccessful. This is why evaluation and feedback are so important. 


Overview: Marketing and Community Relations

Benefits of Marketing to Diverse Communities

Researching, Identifying, and Understanding Audiences

Establishing Goals

Developing Strategies

Evaluating Success and Soliciting Feedback