Check in on Your Process and Celebrate Your Progress


Before continuing, take some time to reflect on the process thus far. Ask yourselves whether your process is working effectively, whether you still have the right people involved in the process, and whether you need to make any process-related course corrections before you begin.

Complete Reviewing Your Process.

Also, be sure that you have informed your stakeholders of the tremendous progress you have made. To do this, go to Creating Effective Communications and make sure that you continue to provide people with information and opportunities to offer feedback.

In addition, revisit your organization's definition of inclusiveness and make sure that it is still relevant. Have you learned anything already that might change your original definition of inclusiveness? If so, take the time now to edit the original definition and then make certain that you have made your stakeholders aware of any changes.

Most importantly, think about appropriate ways for your organization to celebrate your accomplishments that might take into consideration your new awareness of issues of inclusiveness. And as always, recognize the people who have provided leadership and support to this initiative and thank them for their commitment to creating a more inclusive organization.


Overview: Using Your Data

Prioritizing Categories