Benefits of Marketing to Diverse Communities


Corporations have long understood the power of marketing directly to communities of color. Fortune 500 companies such as Kodak, IBM, and Microsoft have divisions dedicated to such efforts.

In 1997, Continental Airlines launched a "Latinization Initiative" to increase the company's attention to language and culture in Latin markets. They conducted market research regarding how their customers in the U.S. and abroad respond to different styles of customer service, and learned that customers prefer to receive culturally appropriate services. Since Continental began the Initiative, its revenues have increased ten-fold. (See Bibliography: Diversity in Business)

Many organizations have also found that it is critical to develop marketing efforts that understand the needs of specific audiences.

The American Zoo Association, through its Diversity Special Committee, has developed numerous strategies for reaching out to increasingly diverse audiences. Strategies include training programs on communications and cultural differences, multilingual brochures and signage, and partnerships with multicultural media sources. The AZA believes that these efforts are critical to building relationships with the zoo visitors and supporters of the future. (See Bibliography: American Zoo Association)

Complete Benefits of Inclusive Community Relations and Marketing Efforts.


Overview: Marketing and Community Relations

Establishing Goals

Researching, Identifying, and Understanding Audiences

Developing Strategies

Defining Objectives

Evaluating Success and Soliciting Feedback