Asking Constituents for Suggestions

One way to develop new strategies for creating more inclusive programs and attracting a more diverse constituency to your organization is to ask your constituents for suggestions. Constituents often have great ideas that the staff and board haven't thought of, particularly when an organization's board and staff are not yet very diverse. You can develop formal and informal mechanisms to engage constituents.

For example, organize a fun gathering with constituents for the express purpose of asking them for input. Provide refreshments, and provide time for people to mingle and get to know each other as well as to get to know your organization. You can also ask constituents to provide their ideas to you by interviewing them or asking them to fill out a questionnaire.

Informal interactions with constituents are also important. Encourage staff and board members to ask constituents, during other interactions, if they have ideas about how to create more inclusive programs and a more diverse constituency.


Overview: Programs and Constituents 

Defining Your Target Population 

Tracking and Evaluating How Constituents Use Your Programs

Approaches to Program Design 

Examples of Impact of Inclusiveness on Program Effectiveness  

Creating More Inclusive Programs and More Diverse Constituents 

    Developing Partnerships with Others Who Have Cultural Competence in Your Field 

     Asking Constituents for Suggestions 

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