Inclusiveness Collaborative: Goals and Strategies: 2009-2010


Goal 1: Continue transforming ourselves by building skills, knowledge, and experience related to inclusiveness


1. Engage other organizations that exhibit the readiness toward having characteristics of inclusive organizations in our work.

2. Continue inclusiveness seminars and trainings.

  • Build on existing trainings.
  • Develop a calendar of training options.
  • Bridge white privilege trainings with communities of color trainings.
  • Develop/distribute self-assessment tools for individuals.
  • Follow-up with attendees from Fall 2008 board trainings.
  • Be a resource to The Denver Foundation and others (e.g., Colorado Nonprofit Association) in conducting conferences related to inclusiveness.

3. Engage in courageous conversations among ourselves to explore day-to-day realities of inclusiveness.

4. Continue expanding skills related to inclusiveness, e.g.,

  • Managing a diverse workforce
  • Hiring people from diverse communities
  • Managing conflict

5. Continue expanding education and knowledge related to inclusiveness, e.g.,

  • Migration patterns in Colorado and impact on projected population trends
  • Research and writing on black/brown relationships in the twenty-first century


Goal 2: Learn about the existence/needs/interests of target audiences [and make the case for inclusiveness] in order to determine what we can do together


  • Map organizations in Metro Denver to ascertain levels of readiness
  • Survey of nonprofit organizations in Metro Denver
  • Focus groups of organizations to gather input (different neighborhoods in Metro Denver)
  • Possible resources:
  • Brainstorming session of existing members
  • Call for interest
  • Ask communities what needs are and see what organizations exist to fulfill those needs
  • See who has purchased the workbook, or gone to a conference or workshop


Goal 3: Create awareness among the target audience about the Inclusiveness Collaborative.

Strategies to be determined after mapping process completed for Goal 2.


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